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New Policyholder SurveyThis survey is designed to collect feedback from customers that are new to American Modern. If you have recently signed up for an insurance policy with American Modern, please click on the link below to participate in the survey.
> New Policyholder Survey

Policy Renewal Survey – If you are an existing American Modern policyholder and have recently renewed your policy, we are interested in your feedback, please clink on the link below to participate in the survey.
> Policy Renewal Survey


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If you are visiting this web site, it is likely that you were invited to participate in a survey by the American Modern Insurance Group.

Qualify to win a free gift card!Your feedback is very important, and your survey participation provides American Modern with the opportunity to continue to evaluate their performance in meeting the needs of policyholders. We realize that your time is valuable; this is why your participation in the survey will qualify you for a monthly drawing for a $100 gift card.

American Modern Insurance GroupListed to the right are the surveys that Copper Leaf is currently conducting on behalf of American Modern. Please read the description of the survey and click on the link for the survey that is applicable for your situation.

The survey may require a registration number to participate. If this number is required, please provide the number previously supplied to you on the mailing insert.

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